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Two Spirits in History

Two-Spirit people, on Turtle Island, were deeply impacted and harmed by the collision with Europe and the effects of colonization. One of the major impacts on Two-Spirit members was the introduction of residential schools in the late 1800s, forcing heteronormative roles onto the children of the Oceti Sakowin, and tribal nations across America. Colonization resulted in a loss of their place in the community, their way of life, and their identity. Throughout the process of colonization and the devastating effects that came along with it, the respect and honor of Native American Two-Spirit members were lost and their roles diminished in society. 

Homophobic attitudes and ideas, introduced over 400 hundred years ago, are present in society today. Part of the mission statement of Uniting Resilience is to rediscover, strengthen, uplift, and rebuild the ways of the Two-Spirit… to reverse, stop, and heal the effects of violence and persecution in our communities and the effects on our youth.


Native American Two-Spirit

 A culturally and spiritually distinct gender traditionally
recognized among Native American nations.

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